Living at Oro Monte offers an authentic Costa Rican experience in an enviable location, awakening the adventurous soul in all of us. Wake up to cool, crisp mornings and extraordinary panoramic views of the neighboring haciendas, estates, farms, towns and villages. As the warm sun arises over your secure and peaceful hide-away, the chirping crickets, mocking macaws and an occasional crowing of the rooster of the adjacent coffee plantation reminds you of why you left the hustle and bustle lifestyle. Nestled in the Naranjo hillside, Oro Monte is surrounded by plantations of coffee, fruit and sugar cane, plush green jungles and fertile land of native fauna, home to several species of colorful butterflies, tropical birds and friendly reptiles.

By mid-day, your peaceful paradise warms to the typical and comfortable 70 degrees (year-round), while the lifting cloud forests reveal a patchwork of rowed coffee pants, grazing cattle and horses, terra cotta-colored roofs and rustic mountain roads. In the distance, clouds hover around the majestic mountains housing the Paos Volcano and Paz Waterfalls.

As your day winds down, tropical birds serenade you well into the evening, as Oro Monte offers a view of the twinkling lights of nearby Sarchi and Grecia and further out, San Jose. But the most remarkable view are the millions of stars… as far as the eye can see, beckoning you to stay for a very long time.

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